Our Factory

We make our high quality products ready for your tables in our modern facility with an area of ​​1,500 m2 located in the Marmara Olive Operations Center (MARZİM) in Bursa Orhangazi. We do not use additives at any stage of our black table olive production process, which consists of washing, selection/sorting, drying, lubrication and finally packaging.

In our 2,000 m2 fermentation ponds located at the same location as our packaging facility, we never compromise on the natural sweetening process that lasts for a minimum of 7 months. Table Olive Processing Capacity: 1.500 tons/year Machine Park: Semi-automatic olive filling line, shrink line, fully automatic oil filling line

Company Profile

Our sacred fruit (olive) adventure, which started with Durmuş Gemici in 1952, continues today under the leadership of the second generation (son) Emin Gemici and the third generation (grandchildren) Onur and Erman Gemici. As Gemici brand, with our philosophy that never compromises on quality and our olive processing experience of more than half a century, we always guarantee to offer products of high standards to our valued customers. In addition to our annual processing capacity of 1,500 tons of black table olives, we also have high quality green olives and olive oil varieties within our company.

We care about being close to our customers with our sales office in Istanbul Mega Center, our e-commerce infrastructure and our dealer network throughout Turkey, and we increase our market share and customer satisfaction level day by day. Gemici Olives: A pleasant journey to taste and health!

Our Vision

· To be the number one producer of table olives and olive oil in Turkey in terms of quality and reliability. ·

· To be among the top three companies of Turkey on the basis of turnover in olive and olive oil exports by 2030.

Our History