Management's Message

Management's Message

We are in a period where "good" or even "very good" management is no longer enough, competition is at a very high level in every business line, keeping up with rapid change has passed, and most importantly, customer expectations are appearing day by day. Apart from these factors, as a company, we are aware of the difficulties of serving the "food" sector in the most general sense. We produce outputs that directly affect human health and are guests on the table of thousands of people every day. Together with the whole team, we work hard to achieve the same (high) quality standard in 365.

As a Gemici brand, today, one of the industry pioneers, despite all the difficulties above, is justifiably proud. “What should be best avoided” is our most basic approach that has led us to these days. Thanks to our 50 years of experience and quality-oriented approach, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors with different structures. For us, the image of "only quality can enter a Shipmaker's packaging" is a concept that goes beyond even "successful financial outputs", which is the main corporate reason for existence for us.

To keep our core values ​​that guide us in the future;

• Maintain internal import and export control, continue to create value for the business.

• We need to continue to invest in machinery and facilities that will meet our needs.

• We will add all kinds of new products and services carried by the market to our portfolio.

• Continue to take important actions on behalf of institutionalism.

Thank you for giving us peace on this journey to taste and health.

Emin Gemici
Chairman of the Board