Membership Agreement

1. Login

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is signed by GEMTAŞ ZEYTİNCİLİK KONSERVE VE GIDA SAN. TRADE. LTD. Terms and conditions between ŞTİ (“Gemici Zeytin”) and the member (“Member”) regarding the Member's becoming a member of the website / Gemici Zeytin mobile application (“Platform”) and benefiting from the products and services offered on the Platform. organizes.

Gemici Zeytin and the Member will be collectively referred to as the "Parties" and separately as the "Party". In order to create a membership account, it is sufficient to enter the correct and up-to-date membership account information by the Member, and then click on the "Create My Account" tab. With the creation of your membership account, this Agreement is concluded between the Parties.

2. Rights and liabilities of the parties

In order to become a member, members must enter their membership account information and address information regarding their order/purchase correctly and up-to-date. Otherwise, the Member is solely responsible for all damages. The member will not provide false or misleading membership account information and will not create memberships on behalf of unreal users.

The member agrees and undertakes that he will keep the membership account password he has created confidential, that he will not share the membership account address and password with third parties, and that he will be exclusively responsible for any damages that may arise if he shares it. We remind you that the membership of the platform belongs to the member himself, we remind you that you should not share your membership information with third parties and that you are responsible for the security of this data.

Gemici Zeytin may terminate the memberships for various reasons, especially the violation of this contract. In such cases, the Member Gemici will not make any demands from Zeytin.

In case the Member purchases a product through the Platform, the transaction will be subject to the distance sales contract and other agreements to be concluded with Gemici Zeytin. In the event that the delivery address and related information provided by the Member regarding the sale are not correct, the Member shall be solely responsible for all damages, including the cost and effort of shipping.

The fact that the Member has concluded this contract will not affect the implementation of the Gemici Zeytin Platform Terms of Use.

If the Member does not comply with the provisions of this contract, Gemici Zeytin may demand damages from the Member at any time due to non-compliance with these conditions, and may suspend the membership.

The member can terminate his membership at any time by notifying Gemici Zeytin, without giving any reason and without paying any penalty.

The security of the member's personal information is very important for Gemici Zeytin. For this reason, all transactions from the moment the Member starts to fill out the order form to the end of the payment process are protected with an SSL certificate against access by third parties. Your credit card information is not stored by Gemici Zeytin, and third-party card information is securely stored by the custodian parties. The presence of the Gemici Zeytin logo on other media does not mean that these security rules are valid in the relevant media. In such cases, please contact

3. Other Provisions

If any of the provisions of this contract is invalid due to a decision of a court or administrative authority or a change in the provisions of the legislation, this will not affect the validity of the contract or the compliance of the other provisions of the contract in any way.

In all disputes that may arise in relation to the contract, the provisions in this text shall be applied first, and the Laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in cases where there is no provision.

Bursa Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized to resolve disputes arising from the implementation of the Terms of Use.